On Hold

We all hate being put on hold. Waiting is no fun.

Alas, any future work on Hidden Constellation issue 3 and the books I’d hoped to produce in 2019 will ave to be put on hold.

My teaching schedule for the coming spring and summer seasons is at an all-time high as far as classes and prep time I will need. Of maybe equal or greater importance are the recent surgeries I have had and the recovery process, which include several visits to various doctors each week and the coming physical therapy sessions.

So, until I can reclaim time and energy, Hidden Constellation goes off the stove, for even my back burners are full right now.

THANK YOU for your reading and understanding.

Mike Griffith



Issue 3 delayed and the launch of Hidden Constellation Press.

I plan to have issue 3 of Hidden Constellation up by the end of December, 2018. You know how it is with a busy life getting in the way of goals, but the end of December is certainly feasible. I thank contributors to issue 3 for their patience. Doctors should have such great patients!




I am NOT sorry to announce the first book in what I plan to be six books produced by Hidden Constellation Press by the end of 2019. Exposed, a collection of poems by me, is now available in paperback for $5 from Amazon.    Exposed features poetry I wrote during my time in a nursing home recovering from a severe injury as well as recent reflections on growing older.

The next book from HCP will be a Best of anthology with selections from issues 1, 2, and 3 of Hidden Constellation. From there I’d like to publish books by Hidden Constellation writers who I feel deserve wider attention than they have thus far received.

Further details will be posted after the release of issue 3.

Thank you for reading!

Issue 3 Submission Guidelines


Hidden Constellation is devoted to giving new and emerging under-published poets and their English language works greater exposure.

You’re invited to submit work for the next issue of Hidden Constellation during our reading period of July 15, 2018 to August 31, 2018. Poems sent outside of this date range will not be read nor held for future consideration.

Please keep these pointers in mind:


There is no one theme we consider.

Each issue of Hidden Constellation will feature between 25 and 35 poems and poets, 1 poems per poet. (See below about micropoetry and other shorter forms.)

No overt gore, violence, or erotica.  You can suggest such things without being overt.

Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but once you get the good news your poem has been accepted in a different market, please send us an email letting us know to retract it from our selection, if that is your wish or the wish of the other publication.

Previously published poems are accepted so long as you indicate where the work has previously appeared and you still retain rights to your poem. Preference is given to items which have not been previously published.

Even though Hidden Constellation features the work of novice and emerging poets, their submissions should be carefully edited and formatted.  Please don’t send works in-progress. Works with numerous spelling and grammar errors and typos will be rejected.

Length: No more than 60 lines per poem.

Poems must be in American, Canadian, or British English. In past issues I have edited works from non-native speakers/readers/writers of English with the author’s consent. I will not have time to do this during issue 3’s reading period. If English is not your primary language, please have somebody carefully edit your submission before sending it in.

Each submission will be carefully considered and you will receive feedback in an email acceptance or rejection letter in early September.


The subject line of your email should be “your last name and # of poems” as in “Jones 3 poems.”

Send all poems in a single .rtf or .doc/.docx attachment or in the body of your email. No other formats are accepted at this time for standard poetry.

Visual poems are welcome of sent in a .pdf file format.

Use Ariel or Times New Roman fonts, in 12 point size.

Please keep layouts as simple as possible. WordPress tends to obliterate or ignore spacing, so works which are single-spaced and left margin flushed are appreciated and stand the best chance of being used.

Include your preferred byline at the start of a short (25 to 75 words long) biography, placed prior to the first poem you submit. Things to include might be where you’re from, your interests, your background, any website you have, and a few places your work has appeared.

You can submit up to four poems per reading period. Only one poem per poet will be included per issue of Hidden Constellation. Please do not re-send work which was previously passed on.

A note on haiku and micropoetry: Done well, these forms are really very special. For the “four poems” policy above, a grouping of four or less haiku or micropoems counts as one “poem,” which means you can send in up to three other longer poems. I may use several haiku/micropoems per author, not just one.

Our email is hiddenconstellation@yahoo.com.


You retain all rights to your poetry. I just ask the right to publish it on this journal site and for possible future use in a “best of” annual anthology edition, should such be produced. I will let you know if one of your poems will be included in any anthology so you can withdraw it or let me know if it has appeared elsewhere. Keep in mind your accepted work will be continually featured on this WordPress site and any possible future web home of Hidden Constellation.

Thank you, and I hope you’ll grace Hidden Constellation with your poetry.

Michael A. Griffith

Founder and Editor, Hidden Constellation