Hello, and thank you for spending some time here!

Hidden Constellation is an online poetry journal featuring the work of emerging poets.

The journal was set up as a way for poetry lovers to discover hidden talents in the vast firmament of the poetic universe.  Each issue is a constellation of newly-discovered talent, showcasing new and emerging poets.

Hidden Constellation strives to bring you exciting new discoveries in poetry!

We want to help you discover the new stars of poetry in every issue of Hidden Constellation!

Please see our “News,” “About/Submission Guidelines,” and “Contact” pages in the Menu for further details. Each issue of Hidden Constellation is also found on the Menu.

Michael A. Griffith, Founder and Editor.



2 thoughts on “Welcome to HIDDEN CONSTELLATION

  1. So glad to see the debut, Michael, and very honored to be a part of it. An excellent Zine! Congratulations and thank you for providing we struggling poets a place to share our work. I find myself in excellent and very talented company here in your first edition!

    Rick Richardson

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